Springwise Innovation Platform

Brand Identity, Website Design, Digital Marketing Design

A fresh identity for the world’s largest innovation ideas hub.
With over a million users annually, Springwise is the global source for innovation and operates the world's largest idea spotting network. Established in 2002, Springwise scans the globe to discover and share carefully curated, real time, real business, innovation and start up ideas.

X-Co. Agency was approached to rebrand Springwise, communicating  it’s undisputed leadership position in the innovation marketplace.

World’s leading launchpad for new innovations. 
With a global audience spanning board-level executives to start-ups, the re-brand of Springwise had to communicate its authority in the innovation space. 

X-Co. Agency emphasised Springwise’s positioning as the leading launchpad for new ideas, with the Springwise “springboard” — a dash that animates the logo — enabling its messaging platform.

Results: Securing a broader audience.
Springwise has enjoyed a broadening of its audience since its re-brand through increased subscriptions, TV and online media attention, a book publishing deal, and increased corporate innovation strategy engagements.


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